Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hey yoo!
i'm back.
alang2 korg dah bukak blog aku.
so let me introduce my self first.haha
yes,my name in FB Aziz Dean.yeahh.look style huh?.haha
actually fyi my real name is Muhammad Aziz'zudin Bin Mohammad Din.
now i'm 18 years old.x lama lagi my age is 19.lagi berapa hari jer:P
so now i live in Shah Alam At seksyen 27.orang selalngor.but lahir kat Kuala Lumpur okey.haha
Now i'm studying at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur i'm taking Electrical Engineering Courses.yeahh.quite difficult.just i;m doing my best to get 4.00 in every sems.:)
I'm a person who is happy go lucky,always smile,doing my job or work at first then turn to personal.i'm a hardworking person too(bajet rajin).My sport is football or futsal.I'm admire Mesut Ozil from Germany internation fooballers.haha.he's very good in dribbling and full of speed..i'm a little crazy sometimes.I really like to make a friends.
so i hope all of you guyz and girlz can make a friends:)

Hye Friends!:).

hey yoo wassup you guyz and gurlz out there.
this me aziz dean.who is new to this blogspot.
i'm just curious about this blog.
for the first time it seem something special when we shared about ourselves in this blog.
i have knew about this blog for a long time ago.
just today,tibe2 jer rasa nak buat blog.haha.saje nak poyo jap:P
okey nice to meet all you guyz.
hope we can shared what we likes,dream of all about.